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Foundation members:
Yaakov Opatovski
Shulamith Ofer
Yehuda Leshman
Shimon Hefetz
Gidon Zelinger
City of Holon
   The Friends of Holon Foundation cordially invites people from all over the world to
    visit and participate in the cultural assets of the city of Holon. In Israel Holon is
    known for hosting major cultural events and as home to a variety of outstanding
    museums, cultural centers and environmental sculpture.
    Holons cultural activity strongly favors children and their families, thus, the leaders
    of Holon welcome the nickname Childrens City as a tribute to their devotion to
    transform the future generation into a curious one, well educated and with a love of
    culture and its merits. Holon boasts, for instance, the largest Purim carnival, a
    one-of-a-kind Childrens Museum, the Havayeda Interactive Science Center and the
    Mediatheque, containing an up-to-date book, audio and video library and a theatre
    for young audiences.
Purpose of Foundation
   The Friends of Holon Foundation was established as a nonprofit institution to
    further develop Holon as a cultural stronghold in Israel, to create support for this
    goal and to raise funds and resources, and to be accountable for gifts and
    As no ambition can stand on its own, the Friends of Holon Foundation welcomes
    any initiative or support from civic society in Israel and abroad.Please, feel free to
    contact us and/or support us . Substantial donations will be rewarded by way of
    naming or suitable commemorations.
    For the years to come the main targets of the Holon Foundation spread out over the
    spheres of Education, Culture and Leisure, Sports, Public Parks and Gardens and
    improvement of the outlook of its Industrial Zone.   next
   Industrial area
Foundation members:
Yehezkel Elany
Avi Yohanan
Elyau Elyakim
Gabi Wanono
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